Nonprofit Resources

(501c) Organization, Management, Startup and Resources

Building the path to success for nonprofits and ministries in order for them to further their mission of change and community service while building effective and growing organizations to support the cause and efforts.

Building for organizations and events

Business organization and event planning. A Nonprofit is a business that has to manage revenue, expenses, services & people while serving the charitable purposes.

Volunteer and Organization Development

Missions need good people

Allowing organizations to create networks and empower volunteers.

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Funding and Contacts

Getting funds and maintaining your contacts.

Helping hands with dedication of Hearts and Minds

Community Service, Athletics, Faith, & Helping Our Neghbors

Forms Checklist

Things you will need to get started*

Create your Checklist

Building these critical documents will help you consider how you can organize efectively and why

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Lao Tzu)

Integrate Technology into Your Mission

Understand that you need technology that works with you to gain success!

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Organizations Helped so far...

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Interfaith Alliance of Iowa
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Cedar Rapids GLRC & Pridefest